Crawler Type ESDC5

Delivering excellent mobility, our new, next-generation miniature crawler drill!

Crawler Type ESDC5

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product catalog Crawler Type ESDC5

Product Explanation

Comes equipped with our Spring Drifter EDH40. Ultra low-noise regulation system and offload-method exhaust gas standard, with adapted hydraulic-shovel base. Depending on the work area, can be used for a multitude of jobs.

Product Characteristics

  • ●Equipped with our Spring Drifter (patent approved) EDH40 that upsets common wisdom on lightweight machines.
  • ●Centralizer with a diametric range of up to 133mm.
  • ●Equipped with ultra low-noise regulation system and a green engine that passed the worldwide exhaust gas standard.
  • ●Improved operability from comfortable, spacious driver's seat.

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Separate Type

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Crawler Type

  • ESD C5

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